WaWaYaYa JoyReader Pro is a familiar App among students studying Chinese language as the MTL (Mother Tongue Language) in our local primary school. It has a library of graded Chinese eBooks. My children enjoy reading and listening to a variety of eBooks with engaging stories in the JoyReader.

Unfortunately, WaWaYaYa JoyReader Pro can only be installed on Android (requires Android 5.0 or later) or iOS (requires iOS 8.0 or later) devices. Although, you can install it on a computer, the set up process would be a great challenge for most parents.

Since mobile phone has limited screen size, I thought it’ll be nice to be able to connect and mirror it to a larger display screen. In this manner, I would feel more comforting that my children’s vision won’t be readily strained and blurred.

I found out 3 ways to connect mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, iPad, iPhone) to a TV, projector or a computer monitor:

Using special Adapter Cable

This is by far the simplest and cheapest method, with the least limitations on mobile phone and display devices.

Using Wireless Connectivity

This will require the mobile phone and display devices to support MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) capabilities. Otherwise, a WiFi dongle adapter is required.

Using Software Emulator

When this free software emulator is installed on a computer, it will allow any mobile apps to be installed on the computer. It is not recommended for non-technie parents.

I’ll only elaborate on the special Adapter Cable method. With just two simple steps of plugging in the cables and installing an app, you’ll be able to mirror your mobile phone to a larger display screen.


Phone-to-HDTV Adapter Cable

You’ll need to purchase a Phone-to-HDTV adapter cable to connect mobile phone to a HDMI display device. This adapter cable paired with a screen-mirror app, called Drong Screen, to mirror the content of the phone to a HDMI TV, projector or computer monitor/screen.

I recommend the “3in1 Universal Mirascreen HDMI 1080P 60Hz Adapter Cable Lightning/Android/Type C IPhone To HDTV AV USB CABLE CONNECTOR” at $6.50 from Shopee with Free Shipping to Collection Point.

micro usb phone

Mobile Phone

A mobile phone or smartphone with a free storage space of about 100Mb to install the WaWaYaYa JoyReader Pro app and the screen-mirror app, drongscreen.apk.

I’ll be using my old Samsung smartphone, Galaxy J2 Pro, for the illustration. By the way, I have also tested with OPPO A31 smartphone with no MHL capability and it worked just fine.

As a security measure, I recommend that you reset the phone to factory setting or remove all personal and sensitive data from the phone before installing the drongscreen.apk app.

Phone charging cable

Charging Cable

A regular charging cable with USB connector. If you are using a smartphone, this is the phone charging cable.

phone power adapter

Power Adapter

A regular power adapter with USB port. If you are using a smartphone, this is the phone power adapter.

display device

Display Device

You’ll need a display device with HDMI port. You can use the following as a display device:

  • TV set – can be a smart or non-smart TV
  • Projector
  • Computer monitor

How do you connect the cables and devices?

connection diagram

Connecting the cables, mobile phone and display device are simple. I found a YouTube video to help you with the connection. The design of the Phone-to-HDTV adapter cable shown on the video is identical to ours although it is a different brand.

You can follow the video to connect your Phone-to-HDTV adapter cable, phone charger cable, mobile phone and TV. However, the user manual, QR code, and the screen-mirror app to be installed are from our brand of Phone-to-HDTV adapter cable.

I’m using the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro smartphone for the illustration. When connecting electronic devices, it is a good practice to turn off the power. However, you can leave the mobile phone switched on.

You can also follow the steps below to connect the cables and devices.

HDMI connection

HDMI Connection

Connect the HDMI connector of the Phone-to-HDTV adapter cable to the HDMI port of the display device.

USB power adapter connection

Power Adapter Connection

Connect the USB connector of the Phone-to-HDTV adapter cable to the phone power adapter or the USB port of the display device.

USB port connection

USB Port Connection

Connect the USB connector of the phone charger cable to the USB port of the Phone-to-HDTV adapter cable. Do not connect it to the phone power adapter.

Phone connection

Mobile Device Connection

Connect the phone charger USB-C or Micro USB connector to the smartphone.

All connected

Ready to Power On

If your cables and devices are all connected, we are ready to power on.

What happened when you turn on the power?

When you turn on the power for all the devices, the display device will display two QR codes. The mobile phone will also pop-up a message. This is because the Phone-to-HDTV adapter cable requires a screen-mirror app, drongscreen.apk, to be installed on the mobile phone. Once installed it’ll mirror the content of the phone to a HDMI TV, projector or computer monitor.

Phone app install

If you are familiar with QR code to install app, use the connected mobile phone to scan the appropriate QR code. For my Samsung phone, I’ll scan the Android QR code to install the screen-mirror, drongscreen.apk, app.

You’ll need internet access for the mobile phone to install the screen-mirror app. If you accidentally cancelled the pop-up notification, simply unplug and reconnect the cable on the phone.

Follow the pop-up notifications on the screen to install the screen-mirror app.

Phone app download

Download App

Click on the Download button to download and install the app. Follow the instruction to finish the installation.

Phone app installed

App Installed

When app has been successfully installed, click on DONE button.

Phone app default

Set Default

Tick the “Use by default for this USB accessory” option if you don’t want the message to appear again. When done, click on the OK button.

Phone app mirroring

Start Mirroring

Tick “Don’t show again” if you don’t want the message to appear again. When Drongscreen app is activated, it’ll mirror the content of the phone.

Phone app allow

Allow App Access

Click ALLOW for the app to function properly.

Phone app connection

Notification Panel

This hidden panel is at the top of your mobile phone’s screen. It can be accessed by swiping your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom. Tab “Connected to a USB accessory”.

USB Connection Type

Do not choose “Charge this phone” option.  All other option will sent the mirroring signal from the phone to the display device. You can repeat this step whenever the communication between the phone and the display device is broken.

Phone app display

Start WaWaYaYa JoyReader Pro App

VI-ola! WaWaYaYa JoyReader Pro app should display on the TV, projector or computer monitor.


Connecting a mobile phone for the WaWaYaYa JoyReader Pro app to be displayed on a larger display screen need not be expensive and complex.

All you need is a Phone-to-HDTV adapter cable that cost less than $7 on Shopee. This cable pairs with a screen-mirror app to mirror iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android phone to a HDMI TV, projector or computer monitor. Once the app is properly installed and configured on the mobile phone, the rest is just plug and play.

It took me some time to find the right Phone-to-HDTV adapter cable that is cheap, good and does the job. I have also successfully tested with my old Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro and OPPO A31 smartphones. Both works well with my 23” computer monitor.

I suspect this adapter cable will work with any mobile phone that supports the screen-mirror app.

Any work done on the mobile phone can now be displayed on a bigger screen. It is not restricted to just the JoyReader Pro app. So, take action soon to protect your child’s eyesight.

Did you have experience with other similar adapter cable?

Let me know what you think. If you find this blog post helpful, please share it with other parents or give a Like!